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Cyber Forensics

 Cyber Forensics:

Computer and Cyber Forensic Basics- Introduction to Computers, Computer History, Software, Hardware, Classification, Computer Input-Output Devices, Windows, DOS Prompt Commands, Basic Computer Terminology, Internet, Networking, Computer Storage, Cell Phone / Mobile Forensics, Computer Ethics and Application ProgramsCyber Forensic Basics- Introduction to Cyber Forensics, Storage Fundamentals, File System Concepts, Data Recovery, Operating System Software and Basic Terminology, Data Recovery Procedures and Ethics, Preserve and safely handle original media, Document a "Chain of Custody", Complete time line analysis of computer files based on file creation, file modification and file access, Introduction to Encase Forensic Edition, Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) etc, Use computer forensics software tools to cross validate findings in computer evidence-related cases.

Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws- 
Introduction to IT laws & Cyber Crimes – Internet, Hacking, Cracking, Viruses, Virus Attacks, Pornography, Software Piracy, Intellectual property, Legal System of Information Technology, Social Engineering, Mail Bombs, Bug Exploits, and Cyber Security etc…

Cyber Forensics Investigation- Introduction to Cyber Forensic Investigation, Investigation Tools, eDiscovery, Digital Evidence Collection, Evidence Preservation, E-Mail Investigation, E-Mail Tracking, IP Tracking, E-Mail Recovery, Encryption and Decryption methods, Search and Seizure of Computers, Recovering deleted evidences, Password Cracking, Introduction to Cyber Security, etc...



Course / Certification Type Fee (INR)Indian Students Fee (USD)International Students Max. Duration

Short Term Certificate (No Exam) in Cyber Forensics

5000 Rs. 200 USD 02 Months
Advanced Certification in Cyber Forensics 10,000 Rs. 300 USD 06 Months
PG Certification in Cyber Forensics 15,000 Rs. 500 USD 12 Months
Certification (Expert/Gold) in Cyber Forensics 20,000 Rs. 500 USD 06 Months
Professional Specialized Certification in Cyber Forensics 30,000 Rs. 750 USD 12 Months
Universal Certification in Cyber Forensics 35,000 Rs. 900 USD 12 Months

Indian Students may use Universal Currency Converter from http://www.xe.com/ucc/ to pay fee in other currencies...

NOTE 1: International / Outside India students who wants printed notes, books and ref. material by courier / post , then 200 USD will be charged extra.(Optional).
  Special Note - For dispatching of study material as well as mark sheet and certificate, Indian postal service will be used. If private courier services will be required to be used (for Study material/ Mark sheet and Certificate) then international / outside India students must have to pay courier charges separately. (Students can send prepaid envelope or can pay through online shipping labels and send the bar-code/labels to us).

NOTE 2: Students enrolled for courses having course duration more than 6 Month can pay their Course Fee in max. two installments, but Rs. 750 / USD 20 will be charged extra. (Optional)

ONLINE EXAMINATION SYSTEM: Students will have to appear for an Online Exam for each semester. Online Examination includes Objective / Multiple Choice Questions and Descriptive Type Questions. They'll also have to submit one Assignment for each semester.

  • NEW MARK DISTRIBUTION:- IFS MARKING SYSTEM: w.e.f. Students admitted from 1st April 2016 batch.
    Semester 1 (S.1)
    1 Descriptive Exam

    (Paper 1)

    S. 1

    5 Questions – 100 Mark

    (One Hour time limit)

    Minimum 10 lines / Imp. Points for passing score.

    Advanced Certification, PG Certication and All other Certifications (Having duration up to 6 months)

    2 Case Study

    (Paper 2)

    S. 1 1 Question – 100 Mark

    (One Hour time limit)

    Minimum 50 lines for passing score.

    3 Assignment

    (Paper 3)

    S. 1 1 Assignment – 100 mark

    (Submit before first exam)

    Minimum 15 pages for passing score.

    Semester 2 (S.2)
    4 Project : Poster Presentation
    (Paper 4)
    S. 2

    1 Question / Topic - 100 Mark Hard copy / Physical Poster (Min. Size A3 / 297 mm x 420 mm / 29.7 cm x 42 cm) should be submitted on provided topic.

    For PG Certification and All other Certifications (Having duration more than 6 months)

    5 Case Study:PPT

    (Paper 5)

    S. 2

    1 Question / Case - 100 Mark PowerPoint Presentation (Min 20 to Max. 30 slides in each PPT / .PPTX file - Soft copy) should be submitted on case example.

    6 Assignment

    (Paper 6)

    S. 2 1 Assignment – 100 mark

    (Submit before Second Exam Date)

Only International students can submit online poster while all indian student has to submit hard copy of poster.

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