IFS – International Forensic Sciences (Govt. of India – MCA & MSME Regd., SSI Govt. of Maharashtra Regd., ISO 9001-2008 Certified & Regd. with DUNS & U.S. Federal Govt. CCR database) Firm. Provides short term forensics courses for awareness about forensics.

Forensic Special Summer Training with Practical / Workshops:



'IFS' in collaboration with 'Universal, Scientific, Legal and Educational Foundation' provides Certification Courses.  After completing Self paced / Self study Courses, students may able to understand basics, concepts and theories of applied subjects, but they may lack practical experience, so We provide Practical Summer Training Programme in every summer in Our Forensic Science Lab or Special Forensic Summer Training Camp / Work Shop.

These self study courses may do not provide adequate hands-on training leaving you with little practical skills so we additionally provides summer trainings to selected students. Please not that- These Training sessions are only for IFS Students, who have completed IFS Courses having courses duration one year, other external students and course duration less than one year will not admitted in any circumstances.

Application Form available from 01 March 

Last Date of Application for New Batch is = 14 March : 

Selection Result Date= 19 March : 

Last Date of Training Fee Payment= 27 March.

 (W.e.f. Dec. 2016 we only accept manual mode of applications, it is important that the application steps are completed correctly.)

Summer Training Programme / Practical Course Names and Topics covered Duration, Seats & Fee Selection Criteria / Eligibility etc ELIGIBLE STUDENTS Special Notes and Application Form

Forensic Science and allied fields : (Forensic Document * Fingerprint)

(Forensic Science, QD, Forensic Psychology, Criminal Profiling, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Photography etc)

15 days 

10 Seats

15,000 Rs,

Admission and Selection is depend up on availability of seats, course type, merit, qualification and following eligibility.

Eligibility: Students must have completed an IFS Course having course duration 1 Year.

All costs of travel and accommodation, including living expenses, must be covered by the intern or the sponsoring institution.  This training is for the specific session only. Only selected candidates will be provided with an internship or training opportunity.

(Please refer below details, terms and rules very carefully)


1) Students enrolled for IFS Course and not received their Course Completion Certificates yet are not eligible for this training session.

2) Students not enrolled for IFS Course.

3) Students enrolled for courses having course duration less than 1 year.


Cyber Forensics and allied fields:

(Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, Cyber Law, Mobile Phone Forensics, Sim Card Forensics, Fraud Examination etc)

10 days 

10 Seats

10000 Rs.

Forensic Biology - DNA Testing or Forensic Odontology, 7 days 

10 Seats

7000 Rs.

There is only one summer training session throughout the year: Summer (April to May). The deadline for applications is approximately two months prior to the training session. Certificate of participation cum Certificate of Training Completion will be awarded to students upon completion of the training. Minimum 7 candidates are required. About 50 % seats are reserved for Govt. Officers, Judges and Law Enforcement Officers. Training place- Pune, Bangalore, Delhi (Any one, Depend on student majority (Major trainee belongs from), availability of experts, facilities and location)
What are the reasons an application might be rejected ? or If I do not receives any response after my application? : Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis and we may reject any application that we feel does not meet our interpretation of the program rules and regulations. The most common reasons for rejecting an application include the above eligibility & selection criteria.
How soon may I be informed about the outcome of my application? : A: It varies from case to case. In the majority of cases, selected applicants are notified about 30 to 45 days prior to the commencement of the training. TO APPLY ONLINE CLICK HERE

Minimum Academic Qualification and Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The applicant must have passed the 10+2+3 or any graduation exam from a recognized school, college, institute, or university with English & Science as compulsory subjects in their academic history.
  2. Candidates of final semester, who are appearing in the qualifying examination in the same year or the candidates who are waiting for IFS result, are also not eligible.
  3. This Special Training Scheme is only for IFS Ex-Students and Law Enforcement Officers, so any other external students not allowed due to very sensitive evidences in Forensic Science Labs.
  4. If student enroll for IFS one year course or Apply for training - It does mean that: Training is granted or Student is allowed for Training, Student will be selected on the basis of Merit and Qualifications, and will be informed by email / phone.
  5. Age limit: Age limit is 21 to 35 years. Relaxation of one year i.e. 22 to 36 years for OBC / SC / ST / NT candidates.
  6. All admissions / registrations will be subject to verification of facts from the original certificates / documents of the candidates.
  7. If an applicant is found ineligible at a later date even after admission  / registration, his / her application will be cancelled. The decision of the Expert Selection Board regarding the eligibility of any applicant shall be final.
  8. Applications from individuals who have already made two previous application attempts will be rejected. Incomplete application attempts count towards the two time maximum.
  9. Payment of training fees in installment is not permitted. Pay training fee only after selection confirmation by IFS.
  10. Any fee paid by the candidate shall neither be refunded nor adjusted towards any other payment.
  11. Applicants should fill-up the Application Form in BLOCK LETTERS Only.
  12. Basic knowledge about related field / studied related subject / Working Experience in related area will be preferred.
  13. If there is any discrepancy in the name including surname given in the application and the name found in Mark Statements / Certificates, such application will be rejected.
  14. Correspondence without Enrollment / Ref. Number and IFS Course details will not be entertained; Admission or Registration cannot be claimed as a matter of right; Incomplete applications will be rejected.


Rules, Terms and Conditions:

  1. Acceptance Letter or email will be sent to selected students only..
  2. On registration and training completion, every student will receive an Identity Card and Course Completion Certificate.
  3. IFS Course Completion Certificate copy, Copy of Leaving Certificate / Qualification Certificates of the previous school or Transference Certificate of the previous school/college will be required from each student wishing to join the training.
  4. The application fee or training fee paid for the summer session, and is not refundable. We can only refund the  fee when a training applied for has been cancelled or Only in case he/she does not get a seat. Also, the fee payment cannot be transferred to another training.
  5. IFS reserves the right to alter fee, training course structure,  or any of the terms or conditions described in this site/brochure without notice at any time and to deny enrolment to any person without explanation.
  6. All our Training Courses, Practical, Study Material and Contents are for educational and informational purposes only. IFS and Team will not responsible for their misuse, User will be solely responsible for misuse of the Education, Information, Knowledge and Tools or any other content.
  7. Our Courses will not transfer as college credit. Many colleges, Organizations, Companies and universities around the world do accept our courses certificates as fulfilling prerequisite program requirements. However, we do not keep track of what courses are accepted where and under what conditions.
  8. Our courses are for your educational enrichment, enhancing knowledge and professional developments For more please click here and FAQ




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