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INTRODUCTION: Forensic science is a vital instrument for the detection or investigation of crime and the administration of justice, providing crucial information about the evidence found at crime scene, it is especially important that the training and education of forensic scientists provide a solid scientific background and a broad base in criminalistics. The validity of those results depends on the knowledge, skills, and experience of the forensic scientists working to obtain them. A forensic scientist must be capable of integrating knowledge and skills in the examination, analysis, interpretation, reporting, and testimonial support of evidence. A forensic document examiner is intimately linked to the legal system as a forensic scientist. Handwriting identification is based on the principle that, while handwriting within a language tends to be alike to the degree that we can meaningfully read it, there are individual features that distinguish one person's writing from that of another. First and foremost, an degree or equivalent is required as it gives the aspirant a scientific background with which to approach the work in an objective manner, as well as bestowing necessary biological, physical & chemical knowledge sometimes called upon in the work. Second, excellent eyesight is required in order to see fine details that are otherwise inconspicuous. It should be understood that questioned documents is a valid and legitimate field of study as a discipline in forensic examinations and identification. It is not to be confused with "graphologists" or "grapho-analysts" who claim the ability to access personality traits of a person from their handwriting. A person who desires to enter a career of forensic document examination must possess certain traits and abilities. According to various web resources- The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) predicts that forensic careers will grow 31 percent from 2006 to 2016. The BLS also reported in 2009 that the annual salary for a forensic document examiner ranged from $33,000 to $85,000, with a median salary of about $51,500. The salary varies depending on whether the examiner works for the "public" or "private" sector, according to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Forensic document examiners can work for the private sector, or in small practices as consultants, with law firms or for major corporations. Job opportunities are also available in the public sector-- law enforcement and police organizations, government agencies like the FBI, CIA or even the Secret Service. Some examiners are not paid on salary and are rather contracted to do a specific task for a company / client.

Course Contents / Topics:
Introduction to Forensic Science, Questioned Document, Common individual characteristics associated with handwriting, Important guidelines for the collection of known writings for comparison to a questioned documents, Identify some of the techniques to uncover alterations, erasures, obliterations, and variations in pen inks, Nature and problems of document examination, Classification of documents, Preliminary examination of documents, Basis of handwriting identification, Various types of documents, General characteristics of handwriting, individual characteristic of handwriting, basic tools needed for forensic documents examination and their use, Disguised writing and anonymous letters, Examination of signatures, Determination of age of documents by examination of signatures, Examination of computer print out, identification of dot-matrix, ink-jet and laser printers, electronic typewriter, e- Documents, digital signatures, opinion writing, reasons for opinion and cross examination.






Course / Certification Type Fee (INR)

Indian Students

Fee (USD)

International Students

Max. Duration
Online Free Foundation Course Coming Soon Coming Soon 05 Days
Short Term Certificate Course in Questioned Document and Handwriting 5000 Rs. 200 USD 02 Months
Advanced Diploma Course Certification in Questioned Document and Handwriting 10,000 Rs. 300 USD 06 Months
PG Diploma Course Certification in Questioned Document and Handwriting 15,000 Rs. 500 USD 12 Months
Certification (Expert / Gold) in Questioned Document and Handwriting 20,000 Rs. 500 USD 06 Months
Professional Specialized Certification in Questioned Document and Handwriting 30,000 Rs. 750 USD 12 Months
Universal Certification in Questioned Document and Handwriting 35,000 Rs. 900 USD 12 Months

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NOTE 1: International / Outside India students who wants printed notes, books and ref. material by courier / post, then 200 USD will be charged extra. (Optional)


NOTE 2: Students enrolled for courses having course duration more than 6 Month can pay their Course Fee in max. two installments, but Rs. 750 / USD 20 will be charged extra. (Optional)


ONLINE Examination System: Students will have to appear for an Online Exam for each semester. Online Examination includes Objective / Multiple Choice Questions and Descriptive Type Questions. They’ll also have to submit one Assignment for each semester.



1 Objective / Multiple Choice Exam (Paper-1) Sem.1 50 Questions – 100 Mark

For Short Term Certificate, Advanced Diploma, PG Diploma and All other Certifications (Having duration up to 6 months)

2 Descriptive Exam (Paper 2) Sem. 1 4 Questions – 100 Mark
3 Case Study (Paper 3) Sem. 1 1 Question – 50 Mark
4 Assignment (Paper 4) Sem. 1 1 Assignment – 100 mark
5 Descriptive Exam (Paper 5) Sem. 2 10 Questions - 100 Mark For PG Diploma and All other Certifications (Having duration more than 6 months)
6 Case Study (Paper 6) Sem. 2 2 Questions - 100 Mark
7 Assignment (Paper 7) Sem. 2 1 Assignment – 100 mark



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