Notice / News / Announcements:

Notice / News / Announcements:

NEW Online Exam Timings are: 12 PM to 2 PM (IST) – Total 2 Hours. (w.e.f 6th Aug 2016)

New Exam Time: From Afternoon – 12 PM to 2 PM (IST) – Exam Portal will be Activated at 12 PM and Closed at 2 PM (IST) Total Two Hours. All mentioned times are Indian Standard Times – You can check current Indian Time from- Appear for exam between 12 pm to 2 pm. Exam Portal will closed at sharp 2 PM. After closing of exam portal last 30 minutes will be provided only for verification of submissions, reading emails, checking messages, applying for mark sheet and confirming results etc. We will not be responsible for any lack of time and its losses. Student must keep track of time on own responsibility, as no clock or time notification is provided on our exam portal. Keep provided 30 minutes strictly reserved for verification, confirmations and problem resolution. Entire exam requires only two hours, so do not appear late.


Fix date will be provided for all submission of Second Sem once students will get passed in first semester.No rescheduling of date will be provided for second sem. Any of the above submission if not submitted in given time, then student’s account will get suspended and Rs.1200 +late fees Rs.50 per day has to pay till the time it won’t submit all submissions.Topic of poster presentation will be provided along with date of submission once students will get passed in first semester.All Indian students should submit hard copy of poster while International students can send poster online..  For NEW ONLINE EXAMINATION PATTERN please visit above link  

* Re – Exam notice :  If student is passed in examination but want to improve their marks then he/she can reappear for that paper by paying Rs.1100 Re-exam fees per paper. Please take a note that this Re-examination is allowed only for Descriptive and Case study paper and not applicable to assignment paper.

Imp. Note- Student must have to pay and inform IFS immediately after result announcement and before dispatching certificate. No re-examination is allowed after dispatching certificate. For SEM I , students must have to inform us within 10 working days after result announcement.

You can appear for the Re-examination only one time per semester. Re – examination will be scheduled on (pre-scheduled) next exam date only. Students do not have choice of selecting their own re-examination date. Students who will be not able to appear on scheduled re-examination date, will not get another chance again. Re exam fees are not refundable.

Also this re examination allowed semester wise only . E.g. If student appeared for SEM II and passed it (but with low marks) then he can apply for re appearing for papers of SEM II only. He will not be allowed to re appear for papers from SEM I.

* Student can now refer latest happening, updates, news, notices and announcements in Student Control Panel also at  (All next notices will be updated there. )

RESCHEDULE-EXAM :  If student fails to appear exam / failed in appeared exam, then maximum 3 extra attempts will be provided by paying 1200 INR / 50 USD per attempt (asper exam rescheduling fee norms) within 7 days.

After 3 extra attempts if student still fails in exam / fail to appear, then in rare / special cases 2 extra attempts will be provided by paying 2400 INR / 100 USD per attempt (as per exam rescheduling fee norms) with reappeared status .

Appeared means: Score less than 50 %. It does not mean if score is “Zero”or less than 10, because some student just shows they have appeared for exam without any proper answers, just to extend exam date.

Extra attempt will not be provided – If student violates our rules and guidelines e.g. Plagiarism?, Delay in answer submission, Lack of time, Short content etc.

After these 5 attempts student’s will not get any Extra attempt and student portal account will get suspended permanently. Respected student’s admission will be considered as null / void.

* Diwali Break / Holidays: Please refer Holiday List from-

* Student appearing for exam on 06 Oct. 2012, who get passing score and applies for mark sheet / certificate can receive their mark sheet / certificate within 20 to 30 working days or after evaluation (Student enrolled for One year courses, and appeared for First Sem. exam will receive only online result and both the sem result will be sent after second sem. exam.), IFS team will dispatch it within 20-30 working days. (Appx. 29/11/2012) If any student fail to apply for mark sheet or certificate then result will not be processed and mark sheet / certificate will not be dispatched. (Dates given above are only for example)

* Result will be announced online at Student Control Panel i.e. (In Exam Result section)

* Exam Structure and Exam pattern changes: There are various exam pattern and exam structure system changes, please review it from website.

* Objective Exam Changes: w.e.f. Sept./Oct. 2012, Instead of 100 marks and 50 questions based Objective Exam : 5 to 10 – Descriptive Question exam will be conducted for same 100 Marks, it may include Long Answers Question type e.g. Descriptive Questions, Explain, Describe, Notes, Definitions, Brief Answer, Summery, Answer in 5 to 10 lines, Passage Based, Image Descriptions, Short Case answers, Enlist Type, Answer in points etc. (Any type), Case Study question will be asked in separate paper / exam. Minimum answer length will be 10 lines (for passing score). Grading system of marks is changed from 13/02/2015.

Student I-Card + Student Discount Membership Card having life time validity can be provided for students appeared for courses having course duration more than 6 month (PG Diploma, Professional Cert, Universal Certification only), and will be sent later (Within 90 working days or along with Final Result / Certificate), we provide I-Card on complementary basis, it helps in concession for IFS Seminars, Workshops, Next admissions, Conferences etc. (Single Unique Card)

Student enrolled for One year courses (Having two semesters), and appeared for First Sem. exam will receive only online result in student control panel (Not printed Mark sheet). After completion of course (Both Sem. Exams) both the sem printed result will be sent after second sem. exam. result update.

Recruitment / Jobs : New vacancies / Jobs are updated online at

Students appeared for online exam (Aug. & Sept. 2012) and applied for mark sheet / certificate : Answers will be evaluated before 10 Oct. 2012 to 15 Oct. 2012, updated online in student control panel and will be dispatched before 25 Oct.. 2012.

Students appeared for online exam (June 2012 / July 2012) and applied for mark sheet / certificate : Answers will be evaluated before 7 Aug. 2012, updated online in student control panel and will be dispatched before 29 Aug. 2012.

Organization New Address : IFS, 51, Third Floor, B Wing, K. K. Market, Dhankawadi, Pune- 411043, Maharashtra, (INDIA)

Organization New Name : New Name = International Forensic Science (IFS). Old Name = Intense Forensic Services India (IFS India). So, Do not use any old organization name Intense Forensic Services India LLP for any future correspondence or any other purpose. Our New Organization will not be responsible for any such losses. Only old students can use such names and transactions having relationship with old organization. 

Major changes in Organization, Terms, Rules and Polices etc : w.e.f. March / April 2012, there are few major changes in organization = Terms, Rules, Organization Name, Address, Education Structure, Directors, Board, Team and Governance etc…

* For more and recent announcements please visit Student Portal. All next notices will be updated there. 





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